Ouchi-Spillman illusion

VISION Science Lab (Ashida Lab)
視覚科学研究室 (心理学・蘆田研)

Keywords: Visual Perception, Motion Perception & Behaviour, Psychophysics, fMRI, Visual Illusions


Kyoto University 京都大学 Graduate School of Letters (文学研究科) , Dept. of Psychology (心理学専修) 実験心理学分野

(update 2024/5/7)



Recent Works

  • Comparing measurements of head motion and centre of pressure for body sway induced by optic flow on a head-mounted display.

    Ashida, H. &Fujimoto, K.

    Front. Virtual Real. (2022) 3:1026718. https://doi.org/10.3389/frvir.2022.1026718

  • Large irides enhance the facial attractiveness of Japanese and Chinese women.

    Kuraguchi, K., Tanabe-Ishibashi, A., & Ashida, H.

    Acta Psychologia (2022) doi: j.actpsy.2022.103663

  • Are implicit attitudes toward dishonesty associated with self-serving dishonesty? Implications for the reliability of the IAT.

    Hatta, H., Ueda, R., Ashida, H., & Abe, N.

    Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (2022) doi: j.jesp.2022.104285

  • Postural adjustment as a function of scene orientation.

    Fujimoto, K. & Ashida, H.

    Journal of Vision (2022) doi: 10.1167/jov.22.4.1

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To enter the master/PhD course, you need to take the admission exams of Graduate School of Letters.

High-level of Japanese language is essential for the master course and research students, while it is not always neccesary for the PhD course students (but you a master degree in related areas.)




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