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修士課程は8月と2月に、博士後期課程は2月のみに入学試験を行っています。募集要項等はこちらを見てください (リンク調整中)


Graduate School Admission Guide (Master/PhD)

The Department of Psychology invites domestic and international applicants for the Master's and Ph.D. programs.

We recommend that students who wish to enter this program consult with a faculty member in the field of their choice before applying.

In the Graduate School, faculty members above the lecturer level are in charge of teaching. Graduate students conduct research in one of the fields (see Home) and select a primary supervisor, but basically all faculty members participate in supervision.

The Master's course is for a minimum of two years, and the Ph.D.doctoral course is for a minimum of three years.

High proficiency in Japanese language is required to take classes in the Master's course (please consult with a faculty member). Japanese is commonly used in seminars. Less Japanese proficiency is required for the Ph.D. course; oral presentations in seminars may be given in English. All Ph.D. students are required to give a presentation in English at least once a year.

Departmental admission examinations are held in August and February for the Master's program, and only in February for the Ph.D. program. Please see this page (in Japanese) for application documents and other information.

Admission to the Master's program includes examinations in Experimental Psychology, a language examination (English for Japanese students, Japanese for international students), and a thesis examination. Admission to the Ph.D. program includes an examination in Experimental Psychology and a thesis examination. (Please check the formal application documents.)

Tuition fees are charged by Kyoto University.